Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Labels

the popular kids re not popular.
Its just a LABEL that they give "cool" kids.
The nerds are not nerds.
They are simply people who need glasses and study.
So why do we put LABELS on people who are actually equal to you.
Just because your popular doesn't mean you get better food in the lunch line right.
People who maybe "different" are not for you too judge them, but judge yourself.
Judge how you walk and how you talk, maybe there is something weird about you.
No matter who you are or what you do.
What matters is who you are behind the scenes and on the inside.
And inside, your beautiful.

I Rock My Wear

My clothes are important to me.
Not as important as other things.
I take pride in whatever I wear.
No matter how ugly, cute, trend, no trends.
If you have a problem with my clothes, go buy me some.
Because I lovemy clothes. Thank God I have clothes.

Love is not a Game

My love for you is more than just a game.
You can't lose, but you can't win.
You have to earn your next step to my heart.
You can't buy your way out of my soul.
But in the end, you will make it to the next round.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Singing is Life

Singing is when you or sometime use their voice in a humble tone. Not for competition. Not for popularity. But really too put a smile on someones face when they hear your beautiful voice. So all singers, keep singing , and later in life you will get your reward.

Boring Times

Sometimes when you sit at home and do nothing it gets boring and time just slows down.
You can't just speed up time to where you want it . Sometimes going slow is the only way you can survive....

Birthday Happiness

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I am so very happy. I am hanging out with the family and everything. Always be happy when your birthday come because it only comes once a year.